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SolarRaptor HeatingLamp

  • 60 Watt
  • Pleasant warmth from above without producing light
  • Does not disturb the day and night rhythm of the animals
  • No ballast required for operation

SolarRaptor T5 UVB Tubes

  • Fluorescent tube with broad UVA & UVB spectrum
  • Suitable for terrariums & aviaries
  • Various wattages & lengths

SolarRaptor UV Halogen Spot

  • No external ballast necessary
  • Increases the temperature in the terrarium
  • For perfect and detailed illumination
  • Very good color rendering index (CRI) Ra < 99

SolarRaptor UV HID-Lamp

  • UV lamps for desert and rainforest terrariums
  • Broad UVA und UVB spectrum
  • Complete solution: light, UV and heat
  • All-day lighting
  • Electronic ballast (EB) required for the respective wattage
  • Optimum operation with SolarRaptor ECGs and ClampLamps

SolarRaptor UV mixed light lamp (MVL)

  • Broad UVA und UVB spectrum
  • Natural light rendition
  • Pleasant warmth
  • Optimal in operation with the ClampLamp